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Thread: Linux on the move

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    Linux on the move

    Over the last year, many CIOs have moved from the sidelines to the playing field in the search for a successor to IBM MVS, AS/400 O/S, Sun Solaris, HP/UX, and Microsoft Windows NT/2000 in the data center. Based on recent announcements and rollouts, that successor might just turn out to be Linux--the one OS that will run on all today's hardware.,00.html

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    Re:Linux on the move

    For what it's worth, I know the author, he's from Louisville Kentucky like myself. He has started 3 businesses in the last 7 years, all heavily backed with Microsoft money. I think it's important to know which side one's journalistic bread is buttered on.

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    Re:Linux on the move

    GJ, I see what you're getting at; he's trying to divert attention away from anything that shows MS in a negative light. Ain't propaganda great?

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