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Thread: Your Favorite Recepies

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    Your Favorite Recepies

    Recently I have been cooking a lot. I love cooking. Always have always been. I wished I lived out on my own so I could me myself all 3 meals. I want you to share your favorite recipies. I will post mine some of mine when I get home. BTW I have seen lot of recepie programs for linux but none that I like if you use a program to store your recepies tell me what your using.

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    here's my favourite receipe:

    drive down to the mcdonalds drive through. when the clown starts talking, say: "4 burgers please". then approach the window. pay them what they ask. accept the food. drive home. eat the burgers.

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    I've grown to like greek cook a lot as it's very simply, quite tasty and often very cheap. I'll translate some of my recepies for you later - will take a while since I have to convert everything from metric to illogical-american-standard, as well as translating from Danish to English.

    I use a word processor like KWord to keep all of my recepies together.

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    Goto liqour store, hand man/woman $20.00 and take bottle of wild turkey. Gobble gobble gobble !

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    Make a sandwich like you normally would, but instead of using mayonnaise, spread congealed bacon grease on your bread. Yum.

    Now crack open a 40 of King Cobra.

    It doesn't get any better than this. ;D

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    Gotta be KD! ;D Pork and beans from the can are good too, just cut up a hot dog and throw it in and it's all good! Or, if you want to go all out, potato pancakes (yes, it's a dinner food)

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    Okay, let's make a nice dinner to impress the chicks with... oh and it's simple to make.

    Ok, dinner for 2.

    Grilled feta:

    Okay go to the local greek or turkish place (funny enough I get mine from the florist) because that's where the best feta is and get 50-100 grams of feta 40% (depends on how much you love feta really), while you're there pick up some black olives with the stones intact, because they'll work great with this dish:

    Now what you need to do is to cut the feta into cubes, they need to be around 1 cm³ each, then wrap them in some tin foil (leave top open) and pour some olive oils over the cubes, just a tad. Now put the tin foil on your hot grill, or alternatively heat the tin foil thingy on a pan. now quickly add a touch of pepper. remove from the heat source when the feta is melting in the buttom of the tinfoil. Remove feta from the tin foil.
    Serve on plate with black olives and fresh herbes of your choice.

    Now we follow up with fresh pasta, sure to impress and it tastes good.

    Now for every person we need 100g of flour with no rising abilities (should be labeled All purpose flour (thx Lucyjean) in your local store), and an egg.

    Now mix the two untill you have a yellowish dough. Now comes the tricky part, you need a special tool for this called.... a pasta maker... alternatively you can try to do this by hand (I guess that would be kinda hard).
    Cut the dough into peices no larger than half your fist, and use the flatting part of the machine to roll the dough into "lanes" that are ca. 2mm thick (on most machines this will be setting 3. Go slowly down in thickness, this way it's easier to maintain an even size.
    Now we use the broad pasta tool to cut the dough into 0.5cm wide pastas (In my opinion the wide ones tastes better for some reason). Those who do not have the pasta maker can try using a knife to get do this, remember to put plenty of flour on the tabel as you're doing it or the dough will be stuck.

    Boil for 7-10 mins in lightly salted water.

    For the pasta we need some sauce.

    For the sauce we need one large onion, 1 can of tomatos, garlic, and one pack of fresh 'shrooms (I guess there's 150-200g in a pack - it's cooking not rocket science, go with it) and oregano.
    Clean mushrooms then fry the onion, garlic and 'shrooms in oliveoil untill golden. Add tomatos, oregano, salt and pepper. Let sauce simmer for 15-20 mins.

    For added fun make meatballs for your pasta dish.

    Now the fun way to serve this is one plate and two forks... but then again I like to play with my food, and playing Lady and the Tramp is kinda fun.

    For dessert I recommend fruits of the season, or any other type of food that's good for playing

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    Lovechild, that recipe sounds yummy!!!!


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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    [quote author=Lucyjean link=board=14;threadid=4435;start=0#44294 date=1028318737]
    Lovechild, that recipe sounds yummy!!!!


    Thank you, nothing advanced just basic cooking, we need time to shop for flowers, and to pick out a good movie also - can't spend all day in the kitchen.

    You earn an applaud.

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    Re:Your Favorite Recepies

    Thank you, nothing advanced just basic cooking, we need time to shop for flowers, and to pick out a good movie also - can't spend all day in the kitchen.

    For that dinner Lovechild, I'll bring the flowers!

    Lucyjean :-*

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