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Thread: building my own box...

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    building my own box...

    Okay, this is something I've always wanted to do, and now that I actually have a little cash, I'm looking into it. I came across some kits from that look halfway decent, but I'm by no means a hardware guy, so I don't know if I'm getting ripped off...heh this a decent way to go or would I just be better off buying everything piece by piece?

    thanks in advance...

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    Re:building my own box...

    i am not sure aboiut the smart card reader, but it looks pretty good to me. i would bump up the memory instead of having a smart card reader if possible too.

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    Re:building my own box...

    I buy all my computers in piece by piece, I love tinking with hardware. It's not that hard and you'll get better hardware that way, since you decide which pieces to put in there, instead of buying a kit or a prebuilt computer where 99% of it is crap.

    Don't be afraid to tinker a bit with it, you might just learn a thing or two by putting it together yourself, it's not all that hard.

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    Re:building my own box...

    Thanks for the advice...I think I am leaning more towards buying everything piece by piece and then learning as I go along...I just worry about buying something that looks good on paper but the company is a real pos. Are there any links or sites where I can actually get more informed about the hardware (and what is/is not Linux compatible) before I shell out the cash?

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    Re:building my own box...

    maybe pbharris can clarify in case I am in error, but or .com has info that may pertain to what you are looking for. He had posted a link previously to that site.

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    Re:building my own box...

    well, id say its an okay deal. thats about what it would cost to build, part by part. and this is NOT "99% of ot is crap" imho.

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    Re:building my own box...

    Like all have said. Piece by piece. You need to know how to do this anyways. As for a case as long as you get a Full-ATX form factor, you're upgrades are going to be piece of cake! Research your motherboards, and don't just buy the cheapest thing. Some good manufacturers are Epox, ABit, Iwill, ASUS, and Gigabyte. That setup you listed isn't bad, but like any package deal there is a load of worthless crap packaged in that makes it look like the price is right. One good place I'd like to point out is . All their part have a 1-year warranty, and are decent in price. ( Especially their 512MB PC3000 DDR for $110 ;D )

    My $0.02

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