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Thread: mount usr as ro

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    mount usr as ro

    can I mount /usr upon bootup as read only and run it like that? (I mean will it damage some functionality of the OS?)

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    Re:mount usr as ro

    hmm dont know if redhat has any files it needs to write there but, it could work the only thing is that most programs install their files in /usr or /usr/local so you would have to point them to a different location. If you compile from source you can use --prefix=, dont know how this can be done with rpm's

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    Re:mount usr as ro

    The reason I'm asking is that I played around Linux Engarde (and I liked it very much), but because of the hardened kernel I couldn't install some things I needed. Engarde has 2 boot modes - standard and secure - in standard you can install apps to user/local, in secure you can't cause it is /usr mounted as ro. Ij ust wonder if the same could be done with a regular linux install for the purpose of securing the installation.

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    Re:mount usr as ro

    mounting it as ro shouldn't be a problem
    until u wanna install something extra, because then of course u'd have to mount it as rw

    but then again, it is redhat so u never know if it'll work like it should

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