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Thread: Redhat == evil

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    Redhat == evil

    i used to respect Redhat because they do a lot of work to get Linux in the enterprise field, but now i've had enough of them.

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    They really are shooting themselves in the foot here. Silly silly silly! :

    Love live KDE!

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    I'm ashamed to admit to be running RedHat 7.3 now.....

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    it just doesn't make any sense for Redhat to not try to make KDE work good on their systems. even if ur not focusing on the desktop market they could just install the regular KDE versions that i install, then not fuck it up and their users would be happier. it would actually require less effort from them.

    i mean... what does it say about a company when they go out of their way to not give their users a well functioning version of a piece of software, just because they happen to prefer a different piece of software that does the same but not as good?

    don't get me wrong here, i'm happy that Redhat has so many hackers for the kernel, gcc and other very important projects on their payroll, but their attitude towards KDE just does not make any sense

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    apt-get install kde

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    [quote author=GnuVince link=board=13;threadid=4397;start=0#43764 date=1028032285]
    apt-get install kde

    stop living in the past

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    What the hell is RedHat thinking?

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    Hmmm.... maybe they've been studying up on Redmond business practices....

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    maybe they are trying to act like MS and trying to strong arm companys into putting their product on thier (redhats) OS with little or no compensation.

    Sounded like a good idea to me, Redhat has a pc running their latest release with kde , and kde has their latest release on redhat.

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    Re:Redhat == evil

    Did you guys read the transcript? It's really, really weird. Here is the run down.

    Mann: Hey Mr. KDE dev-man, don't you want to run Red Hat too? It rocks! In the long run you'll get good press.

    Samuels: Ok, give us a computer then and I will agree.

    Mann: We don't have another computer to loan you during Linux World nor and boxen at our booth. I'm telln you, Red Hat == press! Will you do it?

    Samules: You frickn a**hole! We won't scratch your back unless you scratch ours!
    It seems more like a point of view thing. Either the KDE team is a bunch of jerks or Red Hat was trying to be forcefull.

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