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    User friendly weblog

    I am making a webpage for a friend, using Dreamweaver. She is not very computer literate, and knows nothing about programming. Anyone knows of any way I can set up a script or anything for a weblog so she can update it eeasily from her computer, which has no special software, without having to touch any code?

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    Re:User friendly weblog

    how about something like phpnuke?
    it's kinda slashdot like, so she can post the updates using the website itself

    of course u would have to run it on a webserver with php/mysql access

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    Re:User friendly weblog

    How hard it is to set it up? I know nothing about php :'(

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    Re:User friendly weblog

    i've never set it up myself, but it's probably not that hard

    just gotta read the instructions i guess

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    Re:User friendly weblog

    Ok. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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    Re:User friendly weblog

    [quote author=tricksterisweak link=board=14;threadid=4371;start=0#43428 date=1027823320]
    I am making a webpage for a friend, using Dreamweaver.

    IMHO you would be much farther ahead if you didn't use Dreamweaver, I never did like that program, too much useless code get's added. I personally find that I can make a site faster in raw html than dreamweaver.

    As for using updating the site, if you follow the PHP/MySQL tutorial at (sorry, don't know full addy) you could probably make yourself a script fairly quickly. I fould the tutorial quite good.

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    Re:User friendly weblog

    You could set them up with a free weblog service such as

    That would take the work out of it. (and probably the fun)

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