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    domain names

    Hi. Let's say I registered a domain name. I want my Linux box to reflect this by using How would I go about this? Would I only edit /etc/resolv.conf to include the nameserver given to me by the registrar, such as in my resolv.conf:
    Or is it more complicated than that?

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    Re:domain names

    HOSTNAME(1)                    FSF                    HOSTNAME(1)
           hostname  - set or print the name of the current host sys-
           hostname [NAME]
           hostname OPTION
           Print or set the hostname of the current system.
           --help display this help and exit
                  output version information and exit

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    Re:domain names

    That just sets the hostname. I am talking about domain name.

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    Re:domain names

    You can use your isp's dns servers. Only thing that matters is that dns servers out there resolve to your ip (provided you have in fact registered the name to your ip). Nothing else needs to be done, other than to set the hostname of your machine and run a mail or web server.

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