I'm running RH7.3 on KDE. Netorking is up and running. I've been trying to set up a print queue that will go to a HP-LJ4+ that is attached to a JetDirect
card. I've use printconf-gui to set up a queue type JETDIRECT using the driver ljet4. The queue starts, but when I send a job to it, it hangs and says
it's waiting for the printer driver to exit. The output of lpq looks like this:
Printer: mis@dthacker
Queue: 1 printable job
Server: pid 5790 active
Unspooler: pid 5791 active
Status: waiting for printer filter to exit at 09:55:27.940
Rank Owner/ID Class Job Files Size Time
active root@dthacker+789 A 789 ugly 496 09:55:27
I'm also seeing an error in the lpq.0 file in the /var/spool/lpd/mis directory.
The error in the lpq log looks like this:
[pre] Status: accounting at start at 09:55:27.264
Status: opening device '|/usr/share/printconf/util/jetdirectprint' at 09:55:27.265
Status: printing job 'root@dthacker+789' at 09:55:27.267
Status: processing 'dfA789dthacker.mydomain.com', size 496, format 'f', IF filter 'mf_wrapper' at 09:55:27.290
Status: IF filter 'mf_wrapper' filter msg - '/usr/share/printconf/util/mf_wrapper: /dev/stdin: No such device or address' at 09:55:27.923
Status: IF filter 'mf_wrapper' filter exit status 'JFAIL' at 09:55:27.939
Status: printing finished at 09:55:27.939
Status: waiting for printer filter to exit at 09:55:27.940

Things I've tried so far:
I can ping the device.
I can telnet to the proper port (9100) on the device.
De-install /re-install (several times)
many searches on JFAIL, mf_wrapper, etc.

Any ideas would be welcome. Most of the time I'm very happy with Linux on the desktop, but this is not one of those times.