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Thread: Putty Appreciation Post

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    Re:Putty Appreciation Post

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=14;threadid=4348;start=0#44086 date=1028202809]
    But Ive been wrong before

    A couple of years ago as I recall


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    Re:Putty Appreciation Post

    [quote author=NGene link=board=14;threadid=4348;start=0#44067 date=1028189725]
    So what exactly is this scientology thing? It's some sort of a religion, right? So why is it called scientology? What does it have to do with science? ???

    If you look up scientology, you may find a few links that could do a better job than I. But in a nutshell, you pay some joint to "train" you and you take a test. Then you can pay more to get some more "training" and can do another test, and so on. The weird thing is that there is some belief in objects that live and dictate our life that fly around and can give on superhero style powers (in the extreme). Plus as a scientologist, you can only be allowed to associate with other scientologists. And if you dont go with the flow, you could get killed, or your life ruined. Sounds harsh -- but it is. If you follow slashdot at all, there has been some ridiculous lawsuits against alot of individuals and companies where the Scientolgy fucks sued over retarded shit. Like Google getting hit up for linking to anti-scientology stuff. The last time, they yanked the links, and realized that they will fight the craphead and put the links back up. needless to say, its their immaturity and childish games that are what really disturb me. Not the anime-esque superpowers that occur when one reaches a certain "Thetum" and can talk with the "Thetans" (the spirit thingies that can grant powers). I suggest reading up on it. And make sure nobody you care about falls prey to them.

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    Re:Putty Appreciation Post

    do a google search for Operation Clambake

    these are the links google removed for a short while, and the folks who run these sites are dedicated to exposing scientology...

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