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Thread: [Flame-war Warning! ] Which WM / DTE do you use??

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    Yeah, I remember going toe-to-toe with Enlightenment about a year ago. It looked *great* in that it was totally unlike to any GUI I'd used before and the designers had obviously paid attention to detail.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't quite clever enough to make it functional (I'm a sucker for a taskbar with icons in any of the various iterations available.) I get a little impatient with DEs as well as apps; if I can't get it up and running efficiently after an earnest hour's hacking, I usually ditch it.

    Laziness: it's a virtue, I swear. :]

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    I personally like Gnome and KDE, though Gnome moreso. I like the look n' feel of both. I like the themeability. I like the funky little features you find parts of them doing.

    ... but, when it boils down to it, I prefer more minimalistic settings with the command line for (most of) my file management. I'm currently running fluxbox, and it works *very* nicely for me.

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    I'm becoming more partial to gnome. I really think that if Linux is going to make any major inroads in the desktop market (which it is) then the DE is going to be the most important thing to develop.

    The backend of the OS is already sooooo good. Now you have to make it pretty and easy to use. Look at mac osX.

    Oh, and dropline r0x!! :w00t:

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