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Thread: Men With Long Hair

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    Re:Men With Long Hair

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=14;threadid=4340;start=30#43446 date=1027833654]
    That's [b]SO[b] Funny my bro always jokes with me telling me that I am korean or a "Chino" hispanic slang for asian.

    Stange, I assumed you had more Yaki in ya, since you remind me of one of my friends from El Paso. Oh, well, perception is everything!

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    Re:Men With Long Hair

    Mine was down to between my shoulder blades when 911 hit. That was also when I got hired at my present job. But a week after I got hired, I got into a bubble gum blowing contest with my 8yo daughter and ended up with a huge gob tangled on the right side. It wouldn't look right if I just cut that out so I went short again and have been growing it back since. I just trim the sides sometimes because I end up getting these "wings" that annoy the hell out of me. So it stays long in the back and gets there on top but stays trimmed on the side around the ears. Should see my d/l. Problem is I (and my kids) have ringlets so it looks a heluva lot longer wet than it does dry. my wife hates it short.

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    Re:Men With Long Hair

    Well women love long hair.

    In 88' I was 17, at that time i decided to have long hair. I cut it off 10 years later, rarely a split end trim in between. I could reach the braided pony tail between my leggs-- 3' + (more than a meter for the rest of the world). I met my wife when I had long hair, we have lived blissfully ever since. I rarely had a woman NOT comment on it.

    Your decision to have long hair depends on many things--most MEN assume many things abount men with long hair:

    Though I am strait, many strait men would assume I'm gay, and show how backwards thinking they were. On the other hand, gay men would think I was a target.

    Conservative buisnessmen would assume I'm an eco-terrorist, It often took a lot of work to make business deal go.

    Cops always thought I was a criminal, at times I was pulled over daily. They hoped I was a druggie or something.... I dont know, I guess I fit a profile.

    To boil it down your business life will suffer, your love life will be better. Durring the time I had long hair I lived in western washington (read neer seattle), a very liberal part of the world.

    BTW: I only cut my hair because I was the unwitting passenger in a car wreck, by the time I could brush it again. It had turned into a giant "pony-dread", besides the western washington punk-rock scene was long dead. I have a very short crew cut now hehe

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    Re:Men With Long Hair

    I have been told many times I have Jesus hair. I like to reply something about being the son of god. I can pull my hair down to the lower part of my chest. I haven't had a haircut in about two years. I want to grow it out about 4 to 6 more inches, and then I'll probably be happy.

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