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Thread: How Many Still Use Win32

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    Re:How Many Still Use Win32

    [quote author=Ralinx link=board=17;threadid=4320;start=0#43492 date=1027872544]
    [quote author=cga link=board=17;threadid=4320;start=0#43489 date=1027871579]
    I consider NT 4 to be the best M$ OS.

    really? in what way would u say it's better than win2k?

    Well, that's hard to say really. I just always felt like I had a little more control in NT, plus I really prefered the older explorer shell. I hate the 98 shell, which is pretty much what you get in 2K.

    But it is all irrelavant. I much prefer Linux over any Windows product.

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    Re:How Many Still Use Win32

    I would have to say that 2k is the best Windows version I've used. But I am proud to say the only reason I boot into windows now is to play Warcraft3. So I am almost totally windows free.

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    Re:How Many Still Use Win32

    Speaking on Win32...Linux saved my butt again. I decided to get froggy and install Win2k on a partition on my second hdd (right along side Linux). Well, after it ran through half of the install and rebooted, it hung up on me (right before the registration number screen). Well, I rebooted the computer. After I did that, it ran through the same process it did before it hung. Then it hung again. I rebooted. It hung. Endless loop of fascinating fun.

    Anyway, I inserted my Linux bootdisk, rebooted the computer, logged in and started x. I then accessed the boot.ini file that resided on my first hard drive, made a few modifications (yes, I backed up the original ini file), and rebooted. Voila, I now can select win98 and boot into that (I need to boot into win98 whenever I have to bring work home with me).

    Of course, I use Linux to back up the files I need whenever my win98 partition craps out on me (every other month). I love Linux. I just wish all of my games, hardware, and my wife could interface with it properly.


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    Re:How Many Still Use Win32

    Sometimes I'll get on my mom's computer to use WinMX, and VNC to my box for everything else. Does that count? Also, when my old computer was still set up, I ran Windows NT 4 so I could download pics from my camera. Honestly, I kind of like Windows NT 4 and 2000. I just like unix more.

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