Due to the fact that I've never really had any money growing up (and I'm still growing up and I still have no money ), I could never really tinker with hardware. I couldn't risk breaking my computer, because if I did, I knew I could never afford another (my current one is a gift from my family).

Anyway, I have a job, so I have a bit of cash -- but certainly not enough to buy a decent new computer for >$1000CDN. I recently found an ad in a local paper for a local computer company (as far as I know, they only have one location, so you've probably never heard of them: Tucson Computer Cop, and no, they're not in Tucson). They offer some DIY kits that are really cheap, ranging from $389CDN to $699CDN. Naturally, I'm looking at the $389 ones.

Anyway, I can build a computer; I've upgraded my own enough to know that I am competent with hardware, just not experienced enough with a wide range of hardware to know what's good and what's not. So, I'm looking for some help -- which of these three is the best, and what kind of hardware should I look out for?

Number One:

PC Kit

AMD Duron 900, HS/Fan
Gigabyte 7ZMMH Motherboard
S3 Savage 32M 3D Video
Creative Labs PCI 128 Sound
ATX Case, 256M SDRAM
This is the one I have my eyes on; I can replace the soundcard with my SBLive, and the 256M ram is a huge bonus. Not sure about the mobo or vidcard, though.

Number Two:

Workstation Kit

Intel Celeron 950MHz (Box)
Gigabyte 6VEML Motherboard
Integrated Video/Sound/LAN
This is the other $389 one. I'm deathly afraid of anything integrated, though, so I doubt I'll go for this one.

Number Three:

Duron SDR Kit

AMD Duron 1100, HS/Fan
Gigabyte 7ZXE Motherboard
Nvidia TNT2 32M Video,
AC97 Audio, ATX 300W Case,
I'm not really willing to go above $500, especially since these don't come with a monitor (I think), so this is the last one on the list. I'm not a *huge* fan of nvidia, but the card is still an improvement. Not sure about the AC97 Audio, but again, I could replace it with my trusty SBLive.

If you guys want to know any more about these kits, you can go to http://www.tucsoncomputercorp.com (I know it's crappy, but don't sweat it too much). Oh yeah, and it's a canadian website, the prices are in CDN! So don't you americans go thinking the prices are outrageous, remeber you have to divide by 2 to get a good approximation of the price in USD.