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Thread: Best Domain Service

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    Best Domain Service

    Im looking at getting a domain and out of all of the compaines out there with their misleading websites I was wondering if anyone had any opinons about the different companies.
    A domain, Free Sub-Domains and Free email addresses is what Im looking for.
    As im new to this I dont really know what im looking for and any hidden catches. seems to be a pretty good service, but some things sempt like it was a con. e.g the
    Domain Registration > $9.95/year
    Domain Transfer > $9.95/year
    Domain Renewal > $9.95/year

    .cc Domains available at $35/year, and,
    .ws Domains available at $18/year only
    bit, does this mean $29.85 a year (for all of it) or just $9.95 a year?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re:Best Domain Service


    Each of the services is seperate. If you had a domain and wanted them to be your service, that is how much it would cost to do so. So if you register a domain through them you would only owe 9.95. Then next year, 9.95. Etc.

    I don't know much about the whole system, but you could try yahoo if you trust them. Cloverm...who do you go through and what experiences have you had?


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    Re:Best Domain Service

    I have three domains and I use all of them via ( ) and I registered through their afficialate - ( ) .

    I found the site through the recommendation of a few members of LJR including , but not limited to, ender.

    I must tell you, they are pretty good. I made changed to my sub-domain and it's up after a few minutes of updaing it. Another domain was operational within 24 hours of changing DNS record in OpenSRS system .....

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