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although it *is* bloated.

what large project isn't bloated?
don't say OpenOffice because openoffice uses it's own GUI toolkit instead of using GTK or QT so that could be considered as bloat too

personally, i don't mind the bloat
hell i love it even
i install the full KDE releases everytime even though i hardly use a lot of the extra applications. but i think it's nice to have the ability to use them and when someone comes over here and i wanna impress them with Linux/KDE i can say: "look at all these programs that come with this system and it's all free"

My sentiments exactly. Just the other day I wanted a reminder in a week for a meeting. I thought to myself "I wonder wonder wonder if this "K-D-E" might have something to better my situation?" Sure enough, I found KAlarm. Just the other day a buddy of mine dropped his jaw when he saw my screen. Just so sexy!
I'd have to say that it's a variety of applications, a sexy UI (QT all the way baby!), and integration that rivals Windows that keeps me in this camp.