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Thread: Win2k dual boot PET

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    Win2k dual boot PET

    I was reading the above PET and there are alot of ?'s, I dont think the ?'s belong there. If anyone knows better please have a look. I'm going to dual boot for the first time in the real near future and would like to use this PET.

    I personally think a linux box should be just that and winders box likewise---my wife has other ideas! (so i will HAVE to dual boot soon) :P

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    Re:Win2k dual boot PET

    It looks ok to me ???
    Assuming it has not been fixed since you posted, maybe you should try a different browser or font?

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    Re:Win2k dual boot PET

    yea i fixed it , it looks like the ? replaced all the apostrophies

    oh well it's ok now.

    Why are you against dual booting?

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