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Thread: Possible PET submission bugs

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    Possible PET submission bugs

    Hello, me being a nuisance again

    A couple of things I'm having problems with. I have some YABBC tags inside a code sequence which are being interpretted (I have noticed this with size and b tags). Is this supposed to happen? I tried it in a normal forum post and could not replicate it. Also it is substituting ">" "<" and "&" for "<" ">" and "&". Not only does it display like this but the change is present in the source when you come to edit your PET.

    All this is down to an example script that I have included in the PET which I will do away with anyway once I think of some more succinct examples.

    Edit: ok, it does that thing with <ampersand>lt; etc on normal forum posts too, it was ok on the preview.

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    Re:Possible PET submission bugs

    One thing I noticed is that whereever I put '}}' in my perl code, it was being changed into ']' for some reason. I'm not sure if it happens in posts, but it was happening with my pet.

    Anyway, I don't like the idea of the forum bastardizing my code, so I just removed the pet and added a link to it on my website

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    Re:Possible PET submission bugs

    Oh well, I think I will have to assume that the results of putting other YABBC tags inside a pair of code tags is undefined (in other words, don't do it!).
    I have fixed things for now. Strategically placed tags seemed to do the trick as far as getting the ones I wanted to display as actual text to do so (although I wouldn't call it predictable). A future revision of YABB may well break things again so I had better get on and think of those replacement examples.
    I got around the <,>,& thing by using <, > and & (god I hope that posts ok, I think my head's gonna explode )
    I also found that double closing square brackets were posting as single, so I had to use triple to get the desired result.

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