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Thread: Audiogalaxy?

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    Is it working for anyone? For those of you who have gotten it working, how did you do it? I've tried mozilla, konq, and opera. That's three different rendering engines, and NONE of them show me the little satellite buttons to add songs. I get the artist name, song name, and that's the end of that. No option to download. Anyone had more success?

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    I thought AudioGalaxy got killed dead some time ago by RIAA...

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    i know that ender got it working with linux once, but this was a long time ago, and i also think the RIAA shut down audiogalaxy already (and if not already, they are in the process of doing it)

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    Its dead... just asked a mate on irc to check.

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    DAMN! It was wonderful too. All sorts of rarities and goodies. Stuff you just couldn't find elsewhere! This RIAA's gotta stop. Thank God for Gnutella.

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