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Thread: installing a PCMCIA CDrom problem

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    installing a PCMCIA CDrom problem

    Dear Friends,

    I have installed debian in my fujitsu P1030 laptop. It doesn't have a internal cdrom so i got to install the pcmcia cdrom.

    But when i insert the pcmcia cdrom into the computer. it doesn't detect it . I am also not sure of how to mount the cdrom.

    Does anyone know how to solve my problem? I looked in but there are no solution there.
    So anyone? please help me .

    Thank you .

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    Re:installing a PCMCIA CDrom problem

    Using a PCMCIA SCSI or IDE adaptor you can connect external CD-ROM drives to a laptop. Once the appropriate PCMCIA kernel driver is installed the drives will appear like any other IDE or SCSI drives.
    i am assuming pcmcia is installed and working - can ya see a directory in /proc/ide/ for it?

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