I am having real trouble with my onboard sound. It is a VT82C686 chip. I have compiled my kernel with module support for it, and am running the modules ac97_codec, via82cxxx_audio and uart401. My problem is that only one program is able to use sound at once. This isn't a huge problem in itself, its just that if I xmms playing, and something else wants to use the soundcard, it will wait until the song has finished and then play its sound. Quite often this locks the sound so no apps can use it at all. I have gone right through every running process and none of them should be playing sound. Sometimes it recovers from this, and I can play my music again. And other times I cant. I am running Slack 8.1 with KDE 3.1. I wanted to install the actual drivers from the via site, but they seem to have drivers for redhat, mandrake, redflag and suse only. Anyone got any suggestions for this.