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Thread: Debian 3.0 released

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    Re:Debian 3.0 released

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=7;threadid=4259;start=0#42242 date=1027247361]
    I stand corrected... Debian is no fun on 56K by Danish standards, where we pay by the minute(24 hours dist-upgrade is no fun, trust me)

    And don't get me wrong I use Debian as my desktop OS for quite some time, and I liked it a lot but SID seemed to break more often than Mandrake on my PC, but Debian remains my server OS of choice.

    Feel free to smite me, as you can see on my karma rating, people can't really decide weither they like me or not.

    while I'm at it, I heard that the debian crowd was finally going to write a GUI installer, is this true ?
    Check out PGI (piggy) on the Progeny website; definitly cool looking, I hope Debian adopts it.

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    Re:Debian 3.0 released

    [quote author=Frith link=board=7;threadid=4259;start=0#42231 date=1027229392]
    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=7;threadid=4259;start=0#42157 date=1027160679]
    Debian is a nice distro, but it's horribly outdated, and he only way to make up for that is to run "unstable" which kinda defeats the major upside of running Debian. As a former Debian user this took me a while to figure out, because it's easy to get blinded by the coolness of dpkg and apt-get.[/quote]

    I think I'm going to have to 'smite' you for some of those comments.

    1. The purpose of Debian 'Stable' is to produce a stable, relatively secure distro with as few defects as possible.
    2. Stable is supposed to be run on servers (just tell apt to grab the security updates and really, you won't have to do much else for a long time).
    3. Most people who use Debian as a desktop OS use Unstable; we prefer the newest stuff (or at least, the newest stuff available to us. If necessary, we can still compile our own programs).
    4. Most people use 'stable' as a starting point for installations, because they know what they're getting.
    5. I like to think of Debian as the OpenBSD of the Linux world; the devs try to make sure that their official stable distributions are secure, stable, and usable on servers. They even go the extra mile and let the average users access the 'unstable' branch, which is probably updated more frequently (and may have more programs) than the OpenBSD ports.

    Debian' main force for me is their commitment to the community, and their effort to port applications to other arch. but as a distro I'm affraid Debian stable is only suited for server usage.
    I can't really disagree with that, but I don't see what you're so upset about. So what if the stable version of Debian is only good for servers!? Some companies would kill to have people say that about their distros.

    Plus Debian is no fun if you don't have a decent internet connection.
    I have a 56k modem and it works fine for me. I can upgrade from Potato to Sid in less than 24 hours.

    I can't say that I can even get certain distros (Gentoo, LFS, etc.) installed within a 24 hour period, much less running KDE or X.
    Your Debian set's on it's way; wouldn't you know, the day I mail them ou, Woody goes stable?

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    Re:Debian 3.0 released

    [quote author=Charles Dexter Ward link=board=7;threadid=4259;start=0#42263 date=1027266208]
    Your Debian set's on it's way; wouldn't you know, the day I mail them ou, Woody goes stable?

    That shouldn't be too much of a problem; I can just run 'apt-get upgrade' and get the 10 or so programs that have been updated in the last month.

    It's nice to have Woody in Stable...I was getting kinda tired of having to upgrade from ext2 to ext3 and doing all sorts of tedious things that I may not have to do with Woody.

    I think I'll have to edit my sources.list so it doesn't look like Woody is in Testing anymore. I never thought I'd live to see the day that Debian 3.0 was released. I feel so blessed.

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    Re:Debian 3.0 released

    as seen on /.

    Only hell freezes slower than Debian
    ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:Debian 3.0 released

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=7;threadid=4259;start=0#42292 date=1027282702]
    as seen on /.

    Only hell freezes slower than Debian
    ;D ;D ;D ;D


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    Re:Debian 3.0 released

    If you want newer programs but don't want to run unstable, testing is a good compromise. It doesn't have the newest programs available, but they become available much faster that stable.


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