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Thread: Setting up a private community

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    Setting up a private community

    After finishing school, we decided to put up a community just for the class, to keep in touch easily. A woman is supposed to do that, I doubt she'll do it...
    So now I see my chance (only Linux-user in class) to set up this community, penguin-style...
    Thing is... Where? How?
    Probably a very simple question, but a search for 'community' doesn't tell me what I want..

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    Re:Setting up a private community

    You best ask NGene, she has a forum up and running plus an awesome webpage.

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    Re:Setting up a private community

    drupal looks good for the content managment of a community driven site (requires php4, MySQL & apache). You can find more info at along with a list of sites that use it so you can checkit out in action.

    If you want to add forums then I would go for something that uses a MySQL backend, just because you will probably all ready have it setup for your content managment system & it should be easier to maintain/perform better.

    Good luck with your project.



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