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Thread: Font problem in Gentoo

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    Font problem in Gentoo

    I installed Gentoo yesterday and everything worked fine. During the night I did a "emerge kde" and no errors displayed.

    After running xf86config I started kde with "kdm" but my fonts are somewhat screwed. The screen looks fine, but the fonts are so small I can't recognize anything - when I type a long sentence it just looks like a line ("-----&quot. I logged in and changed the font to "Clean 68" to be able to see something.

    After restarting X I have the same problem..the fonts are too small.

    What am I doing wrong? It was a default installation and I didn't tweak around with the fonts.

    My XFree86 log can be seen here:
    I've also uploaded my XF86 config file:

    Any help on this? So far I really like gentoo and I would hate to change the distribution just because of dumb font problem.

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    Re:Font problem in Gentoo

    Problem solved .... a guy at the gentoo board gave me a hint to put "-dpi 75" to the /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers

    Now it's time to love gentoo ;D it's so great and SO fast.

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