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Thread: New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

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    New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    Hello CJ,
    I made this new thread because the old one was getting really long.

    If you still can not load the NVdriver module the it won't work. Lets finish building that and installing into the kernel.

    1. re-run xf86config to create a new XF86Config file - there were some things i did not understand and you probably wnat a higher color resolution, i saw from the logs you had posted you were running 8 bit color.

    2. Try reinstalling the NVdriver from scratch, 1st do make, if it gets built w/o errors then do a make install, this should set up the driver and load it into the kernel.

    3. Edit /etc/X11/XF86Config and add the entries mentioned below.

    Section "Module"
    #Load  "GLcore"
            Load  "dbe"
            Load  "extmod"
            Load "fbdevhw"
    #Load "dri"
            Load  "glx"
            Load  "record"
            Load  "freetype"
            Load  "type1"
    then replace the default driver - it starts out a nv but should be nvidia there is an example below:

    Section "Device"
            # no known options
            Identifier   "NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX (generic)"
            Driver       "nvidia"
            VendorName   "NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX (generic)"
            BoardName     "NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX (generic)"
            Option "NvAGP" "3"

    4. do lsmod and make sure NVdriver is loaded.

    5. try to start X

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    grr....when I tried compiling the NVIDIA kernel, i got the same errors as i did before...something must be wrong with my /lib/modules/2.2.19/video/NVdriver cuz that is where all the errors come that file made when i do the make for the kernel or is it already there?

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    it is made when you do the tar -zxf NVIDIA_kernel_xxx.tar.gz and then cd into the created directory call NVIDIA_kernel_xxx and do the make, then make install.

    did you compile you own kernel? At this point I would think it may be better to try to use kernel 2.4.x, although i know trhe older NVIdia drivers worked fine with 2.2 kernels... i would assume the new ones do too.

    BTW - these problems are fairly rare, it is ussually very easy to do this.

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    i didnt compile my kernel, its what slack8, should i recompile to 2.4.5?

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    at this point i would go to 2.4.18...

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    or even the 2.4.19-RC1

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    but i'm on a 56k...i dont wanna dl that...just wanna use the best I have available

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    I have a fast connection and a burner. I can download the kernel for you and mail it if you want.

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    You dont need to d/l a new kernel if you have the sources available. Very rarely does the average user need to upgrade a kernel unless there is a specific issue with the current one. I do know for a fact, that 2.4 kernels do nVIDIA. I use 3 nVIDIA cards myself. You should try just compiling the kernel, and see if it will build. Dont worry about making a functional one -- just build one. The sources for building the kernel are the exact same required to build a kernel module.

    If you are unclear cj, do this: Go into your source folder.Do a

    make clean
    make menuconfig

    in it. A text gui will pop up, with options. Turn right around and quit and save the makefile. Now do a

    make bzImage
    make modules

    this will build your kernel and modules. If you can do each successfully, there is NO need to go and worry at this stage in your education and dive into linux and kernel creation. Now, we know that what we need is/isnt there. I know for a fact there is a slackpack on you install CD (you did say slackware, right?) for kerenel source. Add that package if you need to. Slack is great! It will make you happy -- but you will learn 200x more using Slack than any other distro (LFS isnt really a distro as it is a DIY kit). When done with getting a system up -- you will realize that after installation, it really only takes 10-30 min depending on what servers/clients need to be installed.

    BTW, I am going to be mailing this week. I will email/IM you after I hit the PO.

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    Re:New NVIDIA drivers and compile problem!

    ya, i'm basicaly just playin around with this install until ur package arrives Schotty...then its serious ;D but, i've definitely been learnin a bit so far...i might try the kernel thing later this afternoon.

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