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Thread: Softening CS lag

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    Softening CS lag

    I use OpenBSD 3.1 as a gateway/firewall for my family LAN. I also use it as a webserver, and lately it's caused some strong words in my family: we have an upstream limit of 15 k/s with our ISP and when someone downloads from that server, our connection becomes very sluggish. Both my brothers complain that when someone's downloading, their Counter-Strike pings reach over 1,000 and they are getting pissed off quite often these days as I have more traffic than I used to.

    I wanted to know, if I limit the upstream to 10 k/s with altq (a program designed to limit/control streams on network interfaces), do you think when someone downloads something off my webserver that my brothers will still have very high pings or if it could possibly help "soften" the situation?


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    Re:Softening CS lag

    I read your post on the OpenBSD mailing lists ... I would think that if you limited your webserver bandwith they would get better k. I would limit the webserver to 5-7k to allow the main bandith to played with by your family.

    Thing is it still may not increase your brothers CS pings depending on where they are playing on the net, but it's a good start.

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    Re:Softening CS lag

    That should be fine.
    I once lived in an appartment with 2 friends of mine (we were all in the same CS clan). We had a cable modem and we all played CS at the same time.
    And we only had an upstream of 6-7 kb/s ... so 3 people were playing CS with an upstream of just 6-7 kb/s - what's more important to CS is the downstream.


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