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Thread: Next distro

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    Next distro

    Hello I do not want to cause any heartache over a dead dog but after 6 months of rh and mandrake which i have little or no complaints about I would like to do another distro that is more of a manual installation then the automated install of those two. I have done some research into several and read most of the postings regarding the various diostrobutions but alas I still do not know what the next step for me is. I am ready for another phase in the linux learning process but would like a recomendation as to the best manually installed distro strictly for learning purposes. I am looking for the what goes where and why aspect as opposed to which is the very best to get. I am not looking to take a giant leap just the next step up the ladder. Any light that you guys can shed on this issue would be appreciated. The two distros that I have been looking into are Slackware and Gentoo but I would not be locked into either of these if there is a better next step learner if that makes any sense.


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    Re:Next distro

    try LinuxFromScratch (

    u'll build ur very own linux system, simply by following a book. what better way to learn how Linux works?

    it may seem like a giant leap, but it's really not. just follow the book and the instructions and u will be fine.

    btw, if u want gcc 2.95.3 then use LFS 3.3
    if u want gcc 3.1 then use the current LFS CVS. it works great (built an LFS CVS system with gcc 3.1 about 3 weeks ago and it's running great)

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    Re:Next distro

    Libranet. You'll love the power of apt!

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    Re:Next distro

    I'm the resident Gentoo slut, so I would have to say.... Gentoo rocks

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    Re:Next distro

    8)Slack 8)

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    Re:Next distro

    I'm going to agree with Ralinx. If your looking for an educational experience, nothing beats Linux From Scratch.

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    Re:Next distro

    Slackware and Rootlinux are pretty sweet

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    Re:Next distro

    I say LFS or Libranet/Debian. Then try Slackware.

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    Re:Next distro

    Debian is a good one under LFS, but you might just want to go all the way and try LFS.

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    Re:Next distro

    Lunar-Linux, similar in nature to Gentoo and LFS. Running it now no complaints.

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