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Thread: SuSE 8.0 already

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    SuSE 8.0 already

    Ok, finally broke down and bought SuSE 8.0, and I'm getting all sorts of file errors on the install. A lot of "Bad Magic" errors. I haven't even finished the install once yet since I get too many of those errors, and I don't feel like watching it for 30 minutes. I tried this on the regular "Installation", and the "Safe Installation". Someone please let me know what the hell is going on.

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    Re:SuSE 8.0 already

    could be broken RAM
    i had that once, nothing seemed to work right anymore, got lot's of weird errors

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    Re:SuSE 8.0 already

    Hmmmm.... Gonna have to try that out. Good thing I have some laying around. :P

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    Re:SuSE 8.0 already

    Excellent!! Works great now!!! Thanx!!!

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