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Thread: OpenBSD and a whole lotta cards

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    OpenBSD and a whole lotta cards

    I got that OpenBSD gateway I built. I am finally getting the time as of lately to get the thing to route all SMTP traffic, but ran into one nasty problem -- it hates whatever I slap in for the fourth NIC. Gives me device timeout errors. Whats even weirder, I got a SCSI card for the tape drive and hard disc, and diabled almost everything else to free up IRQ's and DMA's (killed off the parallel port and both serial and IDE channels, USB, IR ports) and still cant get the damn thing to work. I am lost. Oh and BTW -- this is a kernel message that happens a few jiffies after it finishes bootup.

    What should the RedHatted one do???

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    multiple NIC -single card

    I have a 4 nic card I got for about $50. much easier to deal with and simpler to support.

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