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Thread: When was your first time?

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    When was your first time?

    I'm curious just how long it took any of you from when you first heard about Linux, until the first you actualy started using it.
    I have been vaguely familiar with UN*X variants for some time now. I'd heard of Linux in passing. Over the past few years, I've had a cursory knowledge of UN*X's for work, networking, etc. Lots of older legacy goodies. I really became aware of Linux as a user oriented, real, Honest to Crom, OS a little over a year ago, while I was still in the Army by one of my buddies who lived in the barracks. Didn't have the opportunity to do anything with it at the time though, too many deployments, etc.
    Anyway, in the last few months, I've been reading up on Linux, and it's various flavors insatiably, I've downloaded Debian CD's, copied Mandrake 9.0 from work (GPL Rocks!! ) and am hoping to do my first install this weekend. So, this has been about a year and a half coming.
    So, I'm just curious about everybody else. How long did it take you to go from:

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    sometime in 98/99. it was Red Hat 5.2. I still have the cd's and manual.
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    I started with Unix systems in 1991. I used many Unix servers at places I worked and at different universities.

    I started working tech support, where we had 3 SCO boxes to use for development and support, and one of them died. That's when we talked the management into letting us reinstall with this new OS called "Linux." It was still a new homebrew toy, and Slackware was the only distro generally available. It took about 3 hours total to get it up and productive.

    It was so different from SCO, AIX, and HP/UX at the time!

    I'm dating myself here, aren't I?

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    I had typed "pine" a lot in college in '94-'95...

    but as an English major back before the world wide whatever was anything exciting, I hardly ever used email...

    Got a machine all to myself in '97 so I could stop using the lab's 486DXs to write papers... that ran win95.

    I had a friend in college, Jeremy, who was running something called a "server" off of a 28.8 modem line, later an ISDN line (again, we're talking 96-98, and the boonies to boot, DSL was vaguely something that happened elsewhere, cable locally was just catching on to that whole MTV thing). He gave me a login and explained telnet in very small words. I think I typed "pine" on it a couple of times and forgot about it... (whois the thing:

    4-5 years passed, a lot of jobs, and a slew of roommate, all of a sudden I'm living in the student ghetto of Georgia Tech with a CS major and a recent Army dischargee... we had a DSL line and were wondering how to spread it around the house. I had heard that Linux was good for this sort of thing, the CS major confirmed my suspicions without actually helping out much to set it up or anything. That was... February of 2001, RedHat7.0 in a shiny plastic wrapped box I picked up from OfficeMax for $25 or so...

    Three years, three months and some odd thousand number of compiles later and I'm sitting around remastering DamnSmallLinux and canabalizing linuxrc to pivot_root properly onto a USB compact flash keychain, blowing hours getting Debian unstable and a 2.4.26SMP compile to boot properly on a Sparc Station 20 with a pair of Ross chips, and wondering whether or not I want to plunk down for a DVD writer and fiddle with DVD+RW-tools.

    Somewhere around 2002 I remembered that procyon login... and much more surprisingly, the password! after 6 years I got to type "pine" again.



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    I first came accross Linux in Summer 02 with a boxed version of RH 8.0 personal. But only really started using Linux 'properly' in the spring of 03 with Debian 3.0r1 install which I palyed with for a few months. Over summer 03 I didn't really have access to my computer so I couldn't do much, but from Autum 03 I have been using Slackware 9.0 then 9.1 and have never looked back.

    January 2004 I finally removed my WinXP partition from the workstation and used it for MP3 storage - a very carthartic feeling!! :mrgreen:


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    I thought the question was when I first did it :lol:

    Well it was about a year ago.

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    my first time was in 2003. i yust started with school studying informatics. and i there was a project of install and setting up a complet linux box. so it was so much fun and i descided to put on my old box linux to. so today the box is still running ....
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    I would have first heard about it back in 1999 (although I can't remember precisely where, I just recall that was when some folk I hung around with at school started talking about it). Then Redhat 6.0 appeared as a covermount toward the end of '99, and I gave it a go. I seem to recall the kernel installed was something like 2.2.5, and I tried my first custom kernel within a few months of starting out. Here I am now with slackware and kernel 2.6.4

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    The first time i did it? *grins* Alone or with a partner? *grins some more*

    First time i installed Linux was in october 95.. 2 months after my Amiga 4000/040 fried it's CPU.......
    And 3 weeks after installing Windows3.11 on my new pc...
    Took me 14 days to find Slackware 3.0..
    Been mainly on Linux since that..

    And yes.. I've had all versions of windows on one of my pc's...
    *looks ashamed*
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    Two years ago...I guess around June of 2002. After struggling to get a Debian-based server to run a succesful IP-Masquerade with IPTables and using 2000 Pro as my workstation OS, I finally took the plunge once I saw how much nicer KDE looked than the Windows GUI. Since then I've run Libranet (, which is Debian-based but has some great hardware-detection and some handy utilities.

    Now the Windows is gone except for a friggin' dual boot setup on my wife's machine necessitated by our shite scanner, which I can't get to work in linux to save my life.

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