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Thread: Gentoo again

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    Gentoo again

    Ok, that's it ... I've read enough about Gentoo ...
    I'm going to give it a shot
    But before I'll go through all the installation troubles and config work I would like to know one last thing:
    How do I remove a installed package? What I've read, installation is kind of easy with "emerge" (like apt-get?) but can I also remove a software this way?

    I have already downloaded the Gentoo Iso an printed the installation instructions on paper...

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    Re:Gentoo again

    i don't use gentoo but isn't it unemerge or something like that?

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    Re:Gentoo again

    emerge unmerge packagename

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    Re:Gentoo again

    becareful though with unmerge as it can remove those files, etc that allow the functioning of other programs. I believe they even mention this in their portage manual.

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