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Thread: Attention missing members!!

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    Attention missing members!!

    Ender (aka KP) last seen:June 17, 2002, 09:39:27 PM
    Popcorn last seen: June 22, 2002, 08:15:13 AM
    noblestknight last seen: June 22, 2002, 02:40:07 PM
    TeRG last seen: May 18, 2002, 07:57:40 PM

    well okay ender and teRG are at #ljr since then...

    How abouts Popcorn and noblestknight ?

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    Re:Attention missing members!!

    Also Sans.

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    Re:Attention missing members!!

    Thanks Mimi! I am sure I have missed more than sans...

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    Re:Attention missing members!!


    Don't you know, I'm here . How are you all?

    Been V busy, moved house (and now live with g/f ;D), not got cheap net access at home :'(, not got time for the net at work >, just got myself a new job ;D

    I may have to spend a bit more time here when I start the new job as my line manager hinted at getting rid of M$ ;D and I will have loads of questions for you all if it happens (pleeeeease let it happen I don't want to have to touch 98 again).

    And will definatly be here more when I get broadband (much to my g/f dismay)

    Going of to check out the GF4 PET as mine apears to have b0rked my box quite nicely.

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    Re:Attention missing members!!

    woott!! sounds like you are having a great time - i hope ya have to get rid of MS.
    good ta see popcorn!!

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