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Thread: kde 3.1

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    kde 3.1

    well kde is nice and fast but I lack one thing from fluxbox and that is keyb shortcuts that I can define my self, i.e
    I wanna start aterm with a bunch of options, I have taken a look at peripherals -> keyboard shortcuts but I can't seam to add my own there.
    the Keyboard shortcuts is as now the only thing keeping me from kde, though I miss tabs I can live without them but not my keyb shrtcuts

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    Re:kde 3.1

    KDE control center > look and feel > shortcuts

    you can set up whatever you like.

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    Re:kde 3.1

    speaking of look and feel, im looking at KDE 3.x and Gnome 2.0 and they just look awesome, i havent had a chance to try either out yet, but i cant wait. i dont know if its just me, but i think the 3d graphics linux has are just looking better and better.

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    Re:kde 3.1

    did i miss something?

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    Re:kde 3.1

    i dunno, they look 3d kinda with the icons and all that stuff, everything just looks alot better and better, thats all im sayin


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