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Thread: Best group/musician ever...

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    [quote author=Charles Dexter Ward link=board=14;threadid=4168;start=0#41385 date=1026746461]
    I think you were born old. ;D ;D ;D

    Funny that's what my aunt tells me...

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    By the way, just as an aside, I'm not , unlike a large portion of my age group, a big fan of the Dead; I like some of their stuff (Terrapin Station comes to mind), but I always found their side projects better than the band as a whole, also, a 85 minute live version of Dark Star is a crashing bore to me. I guess I'm just a deadhead in fact, not philosophy.

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    Rage against the Machine
    paradise Lost

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    [quote author=Feztaa link=board=14;threadid=4168;start=0#41324 date=1026706308]
    8) Rammstein 8)

    Rammstein is the pimp shit. I love their new album. My favorite. Ich will kicks ass!

    As for groups -- Ramstein #1 then Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden.
    Solo, Satch! Satriani is great cant wait to see him next month!. Ozzy is great too. Cant forget the ever inasan style of Yngwie Malmsteen. That guys got some talent!

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    ICP (insane clown possee)
    Dead Kennedys
    the offspring
    public enemy
    ugly kid joe
    marilyn manson
    guns n roses

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    [quote author=Mor_gath link=board=14;threadid=4168;start=0#41403 date=1026754450]

    Heh, Korn is my last name ;D

    No real favorites here...i like almost anything other than "urban" stuff.

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    I would have to say Queen are the greatest group ever but greatest musician, couldn't pick one.

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    i cant even list all the people i like man, i listen to a ton of stuff, cept most of the stuff you guys have listed so far, i dont like any of those bands lol. i could say i listen to punk and rock.

    ps i hate the beatles. *ducks* :

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan cond., Krystian Zimerman soloist.

    Academy of Saint-Martin-In-The-Fields, sir Neville Marriner cond.

    Couldn't resist :P

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    Re:Best group/musician ever...

    Pink Floyd
    Dead Kennedys
    Sex Pistols
    Wu Tang Clan
    Dr Dre
    Marilyn Manson

    Everything depends on the mood

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