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Thread: Question about the "free" command

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    Question about the "free" command

    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 514432 505948 8484 0 8912 439112
    -/+ buffers/cache: 57924 456508
    Swap: 1044216 0 1044216

    After doing the "free" command I get the above in my xterm. What is the correct way to read this to know exactly how much ram I have free? (I have googled, and it returned different answers to this question and I just wanted to post here to make sure I know the correct way to read it)

    And as always, Thanks in advance.

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    Re:Question about the "free" command

    well you will notice that you have your physical RAM and then your swap. In your example it says you have 514432 K total for your RAM, with 8484 K free. You have a rather sizeable swap file (just over a gig) that is unused.

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