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Thread: KDE Installation Utility

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    KDE Installation Utility

    for those of you who like using the very latest KDE version but your distro isn't providing binaries and u don't wanna compile from source: look at what's coming your way =>

    [edit] well the board is screwing up the url.. so dont click it, just copy/paste the entire thing into ur browser[/edit]

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    Fixed the URL

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    Re:KDE Installation Utility

    Wow...that looks sweet. I can't wait until it gets finished. I wonder if it will support installing QT as well. I hate playing with my PATH, though it is a necessary evil at times. Plus, it would make it easier for newbies to upgrade to the latest/greatest.

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    Re:KDE Installation Utility

    But you need KDE/QT to install KDE/QT...

    This is a great idea: automating the retrieval and compilation of KDE. I wonder if they'll incorporate dependency checking or optimizations.

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