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Thread: Ralinx... D00d !!

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    Re:Ralinx... D00d !!

    [me=Kernel_Killer]throws a large blunt to Ralinx.[/me]

    Smoke up, and chill for a bit. ;D

    This board is definately not about helping out, if you look at the stats we have the most activity in Playground, Opinions and Off topic... Two most active thread of all time: Lets get 100.000.0 and Linux XP screenshot...
    Very true. At least it is a Linux community though. :P Even though most of the activity is in non-problematic catagories, at least when you post a *NIX question, it gets answered promptly. ( Except in the "Mac" section ;D )

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    Re:Ralinx... D00d !!


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    Re:Ralinx... D00d !!

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=21;threadid=4109;start=0#41260 date=1026657260]


    again and again and again and again and again and again

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    Re:Ralinx... D00d !!

    Yeah what is it about this place that keeps people coming back? I had no internet access for almost 8 months, and upon getting it again I promptly visited LJO. There's some unexplained drive that makes you come back. Damn you people! You've ruined my life!

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    Re:Ralinx... D00d !!

    Nice to have you back Ralinx

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