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Thread: My finished Fvwm theme.

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    My finished Fvwm theme.

    It's ludicrously minimalistic. There is nothing that takes screen space away from the apps that I'm running. I have a pager that pops up by a leftclick on the root menu, and list of hidden windows with the middleclick, and a menu with the rightclick.


    Here we see a screen completely covered by four xterms. Nothing really special, but I hope you noticed that the titlebars are on the bottom, upside down, and have no buttons on them. They're upside down and on the bottom just because I wanted to be different. Also, I had a lot of fun trying (and succeeding) to bind every possible action to the titlebar itself, making buttons useless. Here is a breakdown of what mousebuttons do what on the titlebar:

    Left mouse button:
    - no modifier: move/raise window
    - Ctrl: windowshade mode. window titlebar remains visible, everything else hidden
    - Shift: hide window. window is only accessible by middleclicking on desktop
    - Alt: identify the window (shows a bunch of X11 info about the window, mostly for debugging)
    - any combination of Ctrl, Alt, or Shift: make the window sticky (it appears on every virtual desk that I have)

    Middle mouse button:
    - no modifier: grow the window vertically and horizontally so it's as big as possible without overlapping anything.
    - Ctrl: maximize to full screen size.
    - Shift: restrict the first two to X axis
    - Alt: restrict the first two to Y axis
    - Shift & Alt: restore window to original size.
    (so for example, Shift alone would only grow horizontally, but Ctrl-shift would maximize horizontally)

    Right mouse button:
    - no modifier: popup a menu with all these mouse actions on it
    - any combination of any modifier: close the window


    Showing off the pager that appears when leftclicking the desktop. Also shows xmms and umix...


    Showing gimp, along with the rightclick desktop menu.

    I'm really happy with this theme. Hopefully it'll last me a few years

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    Re:My finished Fvwm theme.

    Interesting. What made you decide to attempt to put title bars upside down? It's quite impressive to see what an idle mind can come up with, eh?

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    Re:My finished Fvwm theme.

    wow - 2cool man! i like buttons myself but that is neat.

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    Re:My finished Fvwm theme.

    [quote author=stryder144 link=board=6;threadid=4101;start=0#40648 date=1026183821]Interesting. What made you decide to attempt to put title bars upside down? It's quite impressive to see what an idle mind can come up with, eh? [/quote]

    Well, I was just reading through the man page, and found out that I could -- so I did

    I just wanted to do something different -- something unique. I can't stress enough how much I love this setup -- zero wasted screen space, combined with all the functionality of any other wm.

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    Re:My finished Fvwm theme.

    Simply amazing ... just goes to prove that you can have things 'your way' with linux

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