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Thread: disable finger

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    disable finger

    I've read the thread about finger and I checked it on my machines.
    Both, Suse and RedHat give me

    finger: cannot create socket / connet host
    Does this mean that it is disabled?
    Also, if I check my inetd.conf on Suse I get this:
    black666@starbase:/etc> cat inetd.conf | grep finger
    finger  stream  tcp     nowait  nobody  /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.fingerd -w
    Seems like it is started ???
    How do you check if it is enabled or not .. and how do you disable it?


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    Re:disable finger


    To check if its running just do "netstat -l" & if you get anything listening on port 79 its probably the finger daemon. You could also do "ps ax | grep finger" & see if that returns anything (no idea if thats the name it runs under).

    If it is running then just comment out its line in "/etc/inetd.conf" & then do a "kill -HUP PID" where PID is the process id for inetd (ps ax | grep inetd).

    Thats how I would do it under debian so I think it should work.



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    Re:disable finger

    hi black,
    i think ity is disabled as far as other machines are concerned - i.e. stuff attempting to finger stuff over one of the interfaces (eth0, ppp0...).

    Hi Eddy!!

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    Re:disable finger

    telnet localhost 79

    if it connects, you are running finger

    put a # in front of that line in inetd.conf and killall -HUP inetd and it should be fine.

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    Re:disable finger

    I am not familiar with SuSE, I am a ReHat/Mandrake/Slackware boy, but should it use extended inetd - xinetd? I believe it should, so to see if it is desabled look under

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