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Thread: Shamelessly promoting my forum

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    Shamelessly promoting my forum

    Warning! Shameless spamming here... :P

    I've finally came across a decent remotely hosted forum:

    Now I just need some people posting all kinds of useless crap there. It's not going to be any kind of a big and cool Linux forum, just a sort of guestbook-replacement for my website.

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    Re:Shamelessly promoting my forum

    I have been told I am very useless and am worthless, so I guess that you are inviting me ;D

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    Re:Shamelessly promoting my forum

    Uh oh ....

    We would like to share your details with other companies who might like to send you details of products or services. Please check this box if you wish to be excluded from this opportunity.
    Thats against the law in Florida :P people have to opt-in.

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