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Thread: ssh prob

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    ssh prob


    I'm trying to ssh into my gateway/firwall here at home. I get this:

    black666@starbase:~> ssh
    ssh: connect to address port 22: Connection refused
    My first guess was that a firewall rule refuses my connection - but there are no rules defined and the defaults for input, output and forward are ALLOW. There is only a masquerading all rule in the nat table.

    Then I did a search at the RedHat Homepage and found this:
    I've tried many things with hosts.allow (sshd:ALL, sshd:,...), still no effect.

    I even tried a "ssh localhost" at the firewall itself ... same message.

    I'm now at the point where I don't know what to try/search for next ...

    Any comments what the problem may be or what I can search for?

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    Re:ssh prob

    Sounds like you ssh daemon is not running. Try as root
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/ssh start
    (I think that's where RedHat keeps startup scripts, but I might be wrong). It is also possible that your ssh daemon is running, but not on the standard port 22. Check your ssh config file for that.

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    Re:ssh prob

    ps ax | more and see if sshd is running at all ...

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    Re:ssh prob

    Mhmm, no sshd running ???

    But I installed every ssh package like the manual at the RedHat page told me

    rpm -Uvh openssh*.rpm
    I checked the openssh package and this is what rpm told me is in the package:


    Isn't sshd missing in this rpm??
    Plus, when I do a "locate sshd" I get the following:

    I checked the files ... nothing of use ...
    Seems like usr/sbin/sshd is missing .... is RedHat cooking their own soup here? I'm running RedHat 7.3 and installed all openssh* packages on their cd-roms and no sshd executable??

    This is what my Suse 8.0 installation gives me with "locate sshd" where sshd works perfect:

    This differs completely from what I get at RedHat 7.3 ...

    Any comments?

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    Re:ssh prob


    It's working now .... I browsed the other RedHat CDs and found additional openssh packages. I installed them and now everything works fine - So my fealing was right that there was something missing.

    Btw: Good idea RedHat to distribute the openssh packages on different CDs > ???

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    Re:ssh prob

    <Shameless plug>
    apt-get install openssh

    that's all you need with Debian ... :P
    </shameless plug>

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    Re:ssh prob

    <more plugs>
    cd /usr/ports/net/ssh/ && make install clean
    </modre plugs>

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    Re:ssh prob

    yeah yeah ... :-[ : ;D

    So far I'm happy with my Suse and RedHat here at home.
    I installed Debian 3.0 at my PC at work and still have some problems ... First I need to get some things sorted with debian before trying it at home.

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    Re:ssh prob

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=2;threadid=4062;start=0#40352 date=1025933170]
    <more plugs>
    cd /usr/ports/net/ssh/ && make install clean
    </modre plugs>

    Why is it we like those blowfish and these goll darn red hats ?


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