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Thread: mini pet on seeing ones window partition

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    mini pet on seeing ones window partition

    I know that this is small and simple, but I think that people often ask how to see their windows partition. Please examine this mini (not mimi) pet for accuracy, etc.

    Seeing Your Windows Partition in Linux

    by Mimi

    Being able to look into your windows partion is a very handy thing,
    especially if you have a winmodem and cannot access the internet through Linux. In this short PET I will describe 2 methods for accomplishing this objective.

    Seeing your windows partition using your

    Here I am assuming that you are using KDE. Open your home directory using
    Konqueror. In the file tree on the left hand side, expand the
    Root Directory. Find the the mnt directory, and expand it.
    Click on the windows directory, and you should be seeing the contents of
    your windows partition.


    Seeing your windows partition using the command

    Open a terminal if you are in X.

    {mimi@_____]$ cd /mnt Change dirs to /mnt
    [mimi@_____]$ ls List the directory
    cdrom/ disk/ floppy/ windows/ These are the dirs in mnt
    If you see a windows directory here, then you are good to go. If you do
    not see one, then try creating one (mkdir windows).
    [mimi@_____]$ cd windows Change dir to windows
    [mimi@_____]$ ls List files
    Program Files/
    My Download Files/
    Tip: If you need to copy something out of a windows
    file that has a space in its name, then use a wildcard.

    [mimi@_____]$ cd My* We need to get something out of My
    DownLoad Files. Using wildcard (*)

    [mimi@_____My Download Files]$ We are in business now!
    Now, just copy the files that you need to your Linux partition.

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    Re:mini pet on seeing ones window partition

    hi Mimi,
    there is this PET on it already... I would be happy to have you add stuff or take it over and maintian it.

    accessing NTFS or FAT32 partion under linux

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    Re:mini pet on seeing ones window partition

    Ahhh... sorrry about that, pbharris. :-[ I thought I looked through the PETS. I tried to delete this but it seems that I cannot. :-[

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    Re:mini pet on seeing ones window partition

    it sure does not bother me

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