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Thread: Kernel Compiling

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    Kernel Compiling

    I'm just curious. I would like to see how people choose what to compile as modules and what gets included in the kernel itself.

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    Re:Kernel Compiling

    everything except agpgart and radeon get compiled in.

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    Re:Kernel Compiling

    I like modules Makes life easier for me.

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    Re:Kernel Compiling

    I have the unfotunate habit of building far to much stuff as modules

    My main box has atleast 10 & probably closer to 20 modules loaded on boot, including.....

    iptables stuff like contrack etc
    support for 2 nics
    scsi emulation
    i2c & other stuff for lmsensors
    usb stuff including hid & mass storage
    cdrom support
    SB Live support

    Perhaps its time for a recompile

    Regards eddy

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    Re:Kernel Compiling

    i see 2.4.19-rc1 is out - i compiled it the other day because it has been so lonnggggg. anywho - modules all the way!!

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    Re:Kernel Compiling

    this is for pbharris, hey dude I followed your howto for compiling the kernel (2.2.21) everything went smooth until I tried to update lilo I got a kernel /boot221/vmlinuz is too big error msg. any help would be appreciated...

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    Re:Kernel Compiling

    hi jafo,
    do you have vmlinuz or vmlinux as the entry for the image too boot? if vmlinuz then that is correct (the z means its compressed), also make sure you ran make bzImage and not make zImage

    Any chance you ran make bzlilo ?

    what you need to do if you are selecting the vmlinuz image is just run /sbin/lilo -b /dev/hda after compiling, this specifys lilo to install to the MBR of the master hard drive, for some reason LILO does not like images over 1.44 MB in size from what i remember.

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