Is there a good resource (Book, URL, whatever) that gets into the technical aspects of doing SMP? I have decided that the best theing I can do to get back into electronics, is to do my dream -- build me a computer from the parts up. I am looking at a 65C02 CPU based architecture using cards for the CPU's. I figure, it would be cool to steal a BIOS and ROM from my Commodore64 and modify it to handle multiple processors, more memory, SCSI or IDE devices and some easily acquired ram technology. 30 pin simms are probably still overkill, but a 32MB stick of SDRAM is cheaper than a single MB of 30 simm.

I would like to build the board in a way that allows cards for banks of cpus and a bank of ram for each card. I figure I should be able to still acquire 16MB simms, and if so I will do 16 CPU cards using one DIMM. If I cant, I will go for 32 CPU cards. If possible, I may adapt the sound channels to use a PCI based audio card (like a SB). That has yet to be determined, since I am having difficulties locating SID chips. The OS will be the C64 Linux. I of course will need to reprogram alot to take advantage of the larger pool of RAM and CPU's. That is going to be a major problem for me -- but Ill tackle it when I get there, I will hopefully have a working box

As far as the video and such -- pretty much the same. I probably will adapt a PS2 port for the keyboard. I will need to redo the keyboard so it looks like that of a C64. Since I will need a very large case (well, more than likely, since I cant afford to have my designs fabricated any lifetime soon), there will no longer be a singe "computer" unit that we all came to love and enjoy. More along the lines of a pimped C128-D

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

Ahhh..... what I could have!

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