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Thread: The Power Puff Movie

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    The Power Puff Movie

    If I could I would vote for all except option 6...

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    From the preview I saw when watching Scooby Doo, it looked really funny. Can't say I like the tv program though.

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    Powerpuff Girls (the television series) is pretty funny. I like that Fuzzy Lumpkins dude. He always makes me piss my pants laughing. "Get off my property!"

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    i have no idea what this is about, but i saw puff in a topic so i had to see what was going on...

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    my friend was gonna drag me to see it but yeah she is gonna see it with some other people who actually like it. so i wont be seeing it

    so thats my opionion


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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    I cant say I will be going to see this movie.

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    I probably will see it eventually, but not at theatres. It looks ok, but there is something weird about it .... a world where little midget girls look like they are high (look at their eyes!) and fly around stopping monsters and other weird stuff.

    The TV show isn't bad, but the movie seems so supra comercial-lets make a buck off little girls.

    ... or maybe I read to much into corporate america :P.

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    Haven't seen it...yet! My kids will be begging to see it once it comes out on DVD. Our local movie theater is about a month and a half behind, so I might see it on video before it comes out here. Of course, the kids have seen the previews, so there is nooooo way I am going to be able to skip getting it.

    BTW...was the Scooby Doo movie ok? I have to go see it when it comes over here (my son has way too many scooby products). Should I bring a book or will it be mildly entertaining?


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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    Well my friend and I thought it was pretty funny

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    Re:The Power Puff Movie

    Both Scooby Doo and PowerPuff girls movie are VERY NICE .... I like actions in PowerPuff girls but I like more of a style of Scooby Doo; much more relaxing and humorous approach.

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