For those of you who use FreeBSD pre-4.6, be forewarned that 4.6 is fscked when it comes to firewalling and NAT. Not sure what the FreeBSD boys did, but they sure messed up this time.

Also, you must install wrapper if you want to launch X as non-root. That seems like one hell of a restrictive security measure!!! Like, would anyone want to run X all the time as root?

I used to enjoy FreeBSD but these latest "improvements" in 4.6 make me wonder what the boys are smoking.

You've been warned.

KORREKTION: You can get firewalling to work with IPFW but NAT seems broken...or, at least, it's so different from previous versions -- and there's no documentation -- that making it work is like doing something with Winblows. Bad FreeBSD.... :-X