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Thread: Via Sound Card Problems

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    Via Sound Card Problems

    Again I'm working to get my bro back into Linux. Here are the modules loade:

    via82cxxx_audio        18144   0 
    uart401                 6336   0  [via82cxxx_audio]
    ac97_codec              9568   0  [via82cxxx_audio]
    sound                  57292   0  [via82cxxx_audio uart401]
    soundcore               4068   4  [via82cxxx_audio sound]
    Xmms plays perfectly... But gaim and sytem sounds from ximinan don't sound good or sometimes dont even play at all... Anyone know what could be the prob?

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    Re:Via Sound Card Problems

    ah - it is a cursed sound deamon i bet. is esd running? you can check with a ps -e - to fix it i disabled it, i use fvwm as a window manager though...

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    Re:Via Sound Card Problems

    ok now it seems that gaim uses esd when it plays a sound it sound scratchy.. What do i do about gaim?

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    Re:Via Sound Card Problems

    hey gmoreno,
    this may help...
    there may be helpful info in the esdctl section.

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    Re:Via Sound Card Problems

    I'm still having sound card problems... Esd was actually not active.. But Gaim uses Esd to play sounds... The sounds from gaim sound like crap.. It sounds like the correct sounds but they are delayed and there is cracks and pops when the sound is played.. I need to double check but I think it seems that system sounds don't play at all.. I look at the document that paul pointed out to me but I still don't have a clue what to do about this..

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    Re:Via Sound Card Problems

    I have a feeling the drivers aren't that great. I am using exactly the same modules and have the same syptoms but with different apps. ie I am using GLC, which is a lanchat client, and all its sounds are delayed, and sometimes don't play at all. It seems to me that only one program uses sound at a time, so if another app tries to use it, it is delayed until there is a break. I am using KDE so have arts running, but I don't know if that is the prob or not. Just thought I'd add this in.

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