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Thread: Linux Standard Installer

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    Linux Standard Installer

    Is there such a thing as a Linux Standard Installer (like the wizards on Windows)? A friend asked me and I had no clue ... I've never come accross one other than Loki installers but it would seem like there would be something out there like that.

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    alot of people like to go on about kpackage but i wouldn't consider that pile of kudge a standard installer

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    I'm having pretty good luck with Storm package manager; it even allows you to change sources at the desktop. It works quickly, and it hasn't crashed on me.
    It's available in "testing". And yes, it is the manager from Storm Linux.

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    What makes a guy like me, an RPM user, want to go and get the Storm Package Manager? Not trying to be a prick, but curious as to its benefits. If it is that good, I may wish to try it. However, I would like your input on the matter first.

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    SuSE's RPM manager is the best I have ever used. In fact, the whole SuSE YaST tool is great.

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    [me=Lovechild]likes kportagemaster, could never grasp all the choices those modern rpm managers offer me.... actually Lovechild is easily confused, should probably try out Lycoris Update2' software installer.[/me]

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    I am thinking about coding an installer with perl/tk that installs rpms, tgz, debs, and possibly source. Something small with modules (each moduile would support a diffrent package system to keep the installer size down).

    Sound like a good idea?

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    sounds like a great idea

    That way I can keep track of everything thats installed on my system. You can use coltrane a test system once you get everything done.

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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=2;threadid=3970;start=0#39757 date=1025492904]perl/tk[/quote]


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    Re:Linux Standard Installer

    [quote author=Feztaa link=board=2;threadid=3970;start=0#39829 date=1025549623]
    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=2;threadid=3970;start=0#39757 date=1025492904]perl/tk[/quote]

    Yup! And portable!

    The idea of this is to create an installer (not really a package managment GUI) like how Windows has installers (Installshield for one).

    Any feature requests before I get started on it?

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