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Thread: computer start-up

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    computer start-up

    Hi!, just a stupid question about computer start-ups. It seems that my computer only wants to start up when it feels like it. Here's the problem, when I, push the start button the computer doesn,t start or does depending on how it feels! Replaced the power source to atx and installed a different on and off switch. To start it there is a main power switch on the back of the box, it seems to send the power into the unit, but there is no power when using the second switch located on the front of the box to start the computer up! Could it be a faulty switch? or something else, it seems to run great once it starts up.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Re:computer start-up

    maybe the connectors on the MB...

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    Re:computer start-up

    Well, the switch in back is the power supply on/off swtich, whereas the button on the front of the case is just the motherboard on off button. The switch on the PSU should be set to '|' not 'O'. Then the switch on the front should work fine.

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    Re:computer start-up

    PSU is on in the back, it sends juice through the comp. it seems to be the switch to turn on the MB! Is their any way of testing it without removing the unit?

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