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Thread: Life in general (beware rant)

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    Life in general (beware rant)

    This is just a big vent. I have exams on at the moment and I feel like I know nothing. I have worked my ass off studying for them and still feel I'm going to fail. And at the same time there are these assholes at the hall of residence where I live who I just want to beat the crap out of. It seems like they can't stop hassling people, me being a prime target and on top of that everything feels like a joke. I am sick and tired of uni. Bah, I know that this is just a temoporary thing and I'll feel better once exams are over, but right now I feel that if I get pissed off again I am going to snap and do something I regret. Nothing that will hurt me, but I may feel compelled to make those people realise that some things just aren't funny. I suppose that is what is really getting to me. Why do people take pleasure out of hassling others? Its something I've never understood, as someone who has never been "cool". And I thought that once I got out of high school it would stop. I have got a lot of friends here at uni. But there are still groups of people who think that they are the best. They will be friendly sometimes and then at others just turn on you. Arghhh!!! I think that a good hiding wouldn't even do anything. They would probably find it funny. I DON'T KNOW. It is just getting to me. Bah, stupid exam tomorrow. I'll be fine then, but for now this helps a little, not much but a little.

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    Re:Life in general (beware rant)

    I've just finished my exams. Had my last exam today and now I have two weeks off Good luck with your exams. Don't worry about those guy who are annoying you. Remember, what goes around comes around ;-)

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    Re:Life in general (beware rant)

    Well thats over. Did not go at all well. Oh well at least its over and theres nothing more I can do. I am fine now. Yesterday was just an exceptionally bad day. Try reading a textbook for about 7 hours and you'll know how I felt. So now I have nothing more to do but wait for results.

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