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Thread: I need women advice...

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    I need women advice...

    There is this girl I really like I have been talking to her for awhile I have mostly talked to her on the phone and e-mailed her since she lives like 5 hours away. Before she moved to my stated she came to visit the place where she was going to stay at. So I went to meet her and we hung around.

    Basically I am not sure A if she likes me or B if she thinks I'm available. I know her since I was in the seminary she knows that thus I was not available. She knows that I am no longer in seminary so I am not sure if she thinks that I am available....

    How can make her know that I am available, with out make a fool out of myself? What makes a girl think that that someone like her?

    I would really apreciate the Ladies on the board to give me their point of view.. That would be very much helpfull.

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    Re:I need women advice...

    The easy way to get more inside on the subject would of course be to ask her out on a date. That also should let her know that you are available.

    Good luck, and have fun.

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    Re:I need women advice...

    When I went to visit her we went to a baseball game and to a theme park. And when I go to visit her we will also go out and about. So I am not sure what to tell her when I go to visit here.. I guess I can just ask her once I go to visit her if she wishes to go on an "official" date. Wont that sound a little awkward since we do go out and about when I go and visit her?

    Remember that I have not been out on a date since like 5+ years ago since I was in the seminary.. So I am a little dusty plus I was never quite the pimp even back then...

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    Re:I need women advice...

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=14;threadid=3925;start=0#39196 date=1025019372]
    What makes a girl think that that someone like her?

    As a friend of mine aptly put it--

    Tyring to imagine what women think is like a creature stuck in three dimensions trying to imagine a four-dimensional world.

    nuff said

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    Re:I need women advice...

    This girl is SO SO Cute... PLUS She is a Linux Fan...

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    Re:I need women advice...

    Oh how I hate the term pimp... it's so foul.. it's should rightfully only be used as a degrading term for men to profit of prositution..

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    Re:I need women advice...

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=14;threadid=3925;start=0#39201 date=1025024525]
    This girl is SO SO Cute... PLUS She is a Linux Fan...

    Listen here... Go to a jewellery store, pick up a nice ring and ask her to marry you. If you let her get away I'll smack you silly.

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    Re:I need women advice...

    Dude she is the perfect woman for me... She also is Catholic like me which is anothe plus... If everything goes well I will do that... Actually a long time ago we did talk about courting but we weren't seriously talking about it...

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    Re:I need women advice...

    a good friend of mine once had wise words:

    if there is an attraction get it out in the open - if she is avaiable or is not interested odds are very high you will know about it.

    If it is a phyical attraction that is even easier, it only make sense - people would have a hard time reproducing if not for physical attration - believe it or not this reasoning helped my love life out a bit - rather than going up to them trying to think of something smart or being scraed because i have no idea of what to say i just tell 'em the truth and see if anything happens.

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    Re:I need women advice...

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=14;threadid=3925;start=0#39204 date=1025027426]
    She also is Catholic

    ahh, nobody' perfect.. :P

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